Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wild, Wild Ripon

Now that Homecoming week is in full swing, it is honestly encompassing a large chunk of my time. The campus is buzzing with PLENTY of activities to keep students busy. The theme this year is "Wild Wild Ripon," as in wild west. We will be having our first ever homecoming parade on Saturday, and our sorority has to come up with a float that fits that theme. We also will be decorating a window in the commons to represent our group. On top of that, each homecoming, our sorority sells carnations to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, so I will be devoting some of my precious time to sitting in the commons selling flowers, and then delivering them to people's doors Saturday morning.

There are also plenty of events for students to attend. Tomorrow night there is a comedian coming to campus. Friday night we will be having "Couch Potato Playoffs," a trivia competition revolving around tv and entertainment. We also will be having a fireworks display Friday night. Saturday is the parade and OF COURSE the football game.

In my spare time this week, I will be standing in as a campaign manager, as one of my best friends has been nominated for Homecoming Queen. Ok, I guess I won't REALLY be campaigning, as homecoming king and queen are not THAT big of a deal at this school as opposed to other schools, but it sure would be nice to see her win! :-)

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