Monday, November 3, 2008

It's November Already?

It's hard to believe, but it's officially NOVEMBER.... that is just a strange concept to wrap my mind around. Where is the semester going? Well, regardless, I had a FANTASTIC weekend. On Thursday, we did the haunted house thing up at Merriman for the smaller children in the community. It wasn't really much of a haunted house, just mainly trick or treating around to each of the rooms, bobbing for apples, decorating pumpkins, etc. It all went so well, and we had a pretty good turnout for a community event aimed at 5 year olds! Then the rest of the weekend was just crazy dress-up fun. One night, my friends and I decided to be the mob, so we spent the night chasing people around with these fake tommy guns that we found that were absolutely AWESOME. And the other night was, to put it simply, AMAZING. It was soooo much work to put together the haunted house at Merriman for the college students. Being our first year and all, we really wanted to make a good impression so that we could get continued support for years to come, so we spent many many hours and days getting costumes, decorating the house, doing test runs, etc. So when the time came to actually put it on, we were all pretty nervous but mostly excited. and it turned out to be a hit! We received soooo many compliments, and we collected a LOT of cans to donate to the local food pantry (that was the cost of entry) It was a long night (3 hours of scaring people after days of decorating... yikes!) but it was SOOOO worth it. It's definitely an event I will consider coming back to help with when I'm an old alumni next year!

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Roosterruler said...

It seems like every post involves the students of Ripon getting involved in the community or working for a cause.

I love it!

Definitely makes me want to consider coming here even more. With each blog I read, it becomes more and more clear what a great school this is.